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"What if we train them and they leave?"
"What if we don't and they stay."

Tim Williams

I love to do these 3 things:

Sharing is Knowing

I think the main value in knowledge is to share it in way most people can understand.

I do so on my blog, StackOverflow and by giving talks on PHP Meetups and Conferences.

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And I'm not stopping at my ideas. It's much more amazing what group of friendly people can do when they connect and share they ideas on regular basis.

That's what we grow in Pehapkari - Czech & Slovak PHP Community. Come to meetups we organize and you'll see.

Github is my Facebook

That's the place I spend my online-free-time. And thanks to my commit-procrastination, few projects were born.


  • Tool for Instant Upgrades and Instant Refactoring
  • Handle of PHP projects that handles 80 % upgrades for you.
  • Has sets for Symfony, Twig, Nette, PHPUnit, Sylius, CakePHP, Doctrine, php-parser and PHP CS Fixer
  • Also sets constructor injection refactoring, repository as service and Nette to Symfony migration
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  Go Monorepo

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  Go PHP 7.1

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  Objet Calisthenics

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  Git Wrapper


  • Maintainer for 1,5 year
  • From dead project and 650 Github stars to 1700
  • From 0 to 85 % code coverage
  • From basically no 3rd party code to Symfony components
  • I learned a lot about refactoring, about transition of 1 dead package to another, code quality and importance of effective testing
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