How to Use Symfony Bundles in Nette Without Rewriting DI Logic

This post is deprecated since January 2017
This package was too complex and difficult to use. I have deprecated it, because it has been downloaded only 20 times during past 2 years.

Every framework has its own unique Dependency Injection Container (DIC), where you register your services. Imagine a set of special glues that are required to add the same paper on different surfaces. Today I will show you how to use universal glue for Nette surface.

To be specific:

So when you hear somebody saying:

"I saw that in Symfony bundle and want to use in Nette"

you know it won't be easy.

DRY (Do-Repeat-Yourself) in Package Ratio

That's why you see "double" integrations for 3rd party packages like:


MessageBus - CQRS


And so on. Let's ignore the syntax sugar that every programmer adds to his own integrations.

This leads to

Is this really needed?

Well, if you look closer to Nette and Symfony DICs, you see they are quite similar. So answer is NO.

Both Nette and Symfony have 3 basic operations dealing with DIC:

1. Register a service

Common for all packages.

2. Decorate already registered services

Add setter, pass arguments, add reference to other service, collect services of certain type. Used less often, yet still very useful.

3. Add some magic or static code in the end

Usually workarounds, hacks, tweaks or performance tuning. Quite rare.

Enough Theory, Give me the Solution!

Okay, okay... These are last few lines before the code, I promise.

Thanks to step 1. and 2. I could create an extension, that will take any Symfony bundle and register its services into the Nette application: TomasVotruba/NetteAdapterForSymfonyBundles

How to register a Symfony Bundle into your Nette Application in 3 steps

1. Install package

composer require symplify/nette-adapter-for-symfony-bundles

2. Register extension

# app/config/config.neon
    symfonyBundles: Symplify\NetteAdapterForSymfonyBundles\DI\NetteAdapterForSymfonyBundlesExtension

3. Register desired Symfony Bundle

# app/config/config.neon
        - League\Tactician\Bundle\TacticianBundle

And that's it!

For further use, just check Readme for Symplify/NetteAdapterForSymfonyBundles.

So next time you see a Symfony bundle you would like to use in Nette, stop thinking about writing brand new duplicated extension and try this bundle first. You might save yourself great amount of time :)

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