Statie 4: How to Create The Simplest Blog

This post was updated on April 2018
Updated with Statie 4.0and Neon to Yaml migration.

Statie is very powerful tool for creating small sites. But you will use just small part of it's features, having just micro-sites. How to get to full 100%? Build a blog.

Today I will show you, how to put your first post.

Create a Blog Page

This might be the simplest page to show all your posts:

<!-- /source/blog.latte -->

layout: default

{block content}
    <h2>Shouts Too Loud from My Hearth</h2>

    {foreach $posts as $post}
        <a href="/{$post['relativeUrl']}/">

You already see

How Does it Work?

Statie will do 3 steps:

  1. Scans /source/_posts for any files
    • those files have to be in YYYY-MM-DD-url-title.* format
    • that's how Statie can determine the date
  2. Converts Markdown and Latte syntax in them to HTML
  3. Stores them to $posts variable.

How does a Post Content Look Like?

<!-- source/_posts/ -->

layout: "post"
title: "This my Last Post, Ever!"

This is my last post to all

How to Show Post in Own Layout

As you can see, post has layout: post. It means it's displayed in _layouts/post.latte:

<!-- /source/_layouts/post.latte -->

{extends "default"}

{block content_wrapper}


We have to also modify default.latte, to include our post layout and replacte {block content}{/block} with.

<!-- /source/_layouts/default.twig -->

{block content_wrapper}
    {block content}{/block}


That should be it.

Save file, look on the blog page and see:

When you click a post title:

ProTip: Change Post Url

You see the url for the post is:




This can be changed by configuration. In statie.yml you can override default values:

# statie.yml

    post_route: 'blog/:year/:month/:day/:title'

Where :year, :month, :day and :title are all variables.

For example:

    post_route: 'my-blog/:year/:title'

Would produce url:


Got it? I know you do! You are smart.

In one of the next posts, I will show you some cool PostFile object features.

Now You Know

Happy coding!

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