Combine power of PHP_CodeSniffer and PHP CS Fixer in 3 lines

PHP_CodeSniffer has over 3 400 stars on Github and 210 default sniffs, PHP CS Fixer with 4 423 stars brings you 142 fixers.

Both powerful tools dealing with coding standards with huge communities behind them. Can you imagine using them both and actually enjoy it? Today I will show you how.

Right to The Answer

Let's say we want to check arrays.

We add first checker that requires long array() syntax:

    - PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\Arrays\DisallowShortArraySyntaxSniff

Great start. Then we want to check for trailing commas, so every line has them.

So add one more checker:

    - PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\Arrays\DisallowShortArraySyntaxSniff
    - PhpCsFixer\Fixer\ArrayNotation\TrailingCommaInMultilineArrayFixer

Great job! You have just combined PHP_CodeSniffer and PHP CS Fixer in 3 lines.

With a help of EasyCodingStandard. Now, when title promise is fulfilled, I will show how to install it, run it and how nice and clear reports it generates.

How to add EasyCodingStandard in 3 steps

1. Install Package

composer require --dev symplify/easy-coding-standard

2. Add easy-coding-standard.neon and Configure

Create a easy-coding-standard.neon file in your project and desired checkers.

    # arrays
    - PHP_CodeSniffer\Standards\Generic\Sniffs\Arrays\DisallowShortArraySyntaxSniff
    - PhpCsFixer\Fixer\ArrayNotation\TrailingCommaInMultilineArrayFixer

You can add a comment to groups, so everyone can easily orientate when there are more checkers.

Be Lazy with NEON

Do you use PHPStorm? If so, you can use NEON Plugin. It allows you one amazing thing:

It autocompletes class names!

No more looking to documentation, what string matches what sniff or fixer, if there are any checkers for arrays or debugging typos.

NEON file format is very similar to YAML.

To install NEON PHPStorm plugin just: find everywhere → type "Plugins" → pick "Browse repositories..." in the bottom → type "NEON" and install it.

3. Run it & Fix it

vendor/bin/easy-coding-standard check src

# ...

vendor/bin/easy-coding-standard check src --fix

That's all!

Well, unless you like videos...

Watch 🕑 11 min Intro Talks from Dresden PHP Meetup

I spoke about ECS last week in Dresden. If you have 11 minutes and you want to know more about it, go watch it here it here.

That's all for short intro of this tool. I'll post more articles about how to use it, about fast caching or how to write own checkers - both sniffs and fixers.

Thank you for any feedback. Here or in the issues.

What do you think?