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"Tomas doesn't speak about theory you can read on the Internet. He passes you his practical experiences. I recommend him to everyone who's looking for a specialist."

I have been in PHP for 14 years, 8 years with Nette and last 4 years with Symfony.
I focus on PHP frameworks and AST-based automated upgrades, refactoring and coding standards.

Lately I'm consulting with Shopsys Framework, an e-commerce platform on top of Symfony.

Main Trainings

Become Nette Master

You'll understand strong features of framework and in the end of lecture you'll be able to build application on last version.

  • Directory Structure - where to put what
  • routing: SEO and user friendly URL
  • life cycle of Presenter
  • fancy configuration with NEON
  • Dependency Injection and autowiring
  • Latte - templates done simple
  • You'll be able to Write own Extension

Dive into Symfony

We'll focus exactly on your project's level and how to integrate Symfony there.

  • Request & Response life cycle
  • All arounds Controllers - services, _invoke
  • Twig templating system
  • Dependency Injection, _defaults, PSR-4 service auto-discovery and more
  • Hooking Events via EventDispatcher
  • Commands in CLI made easy

From my Clients

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Fields I can Help You With

  How to write Clean Code and Scaleable Architecture

  • How to refactor legacy code
  • SOLID principals and design patterns in real life examples
  • How to save time with static analysis: EasyCodingStandard and PHPStan

  Level up your Career

  • What are the most effective strategies to find a job you desire
  • How to sell your top skill
  • How master negotiation with your employer

  Get the best out of Open-Source for your Project

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