Boost your PHP Skill

"Tomas doesn't speak about theory you can read on the Internet. He passes you his practical experiences. I recommend him to everyone who's looking for a specialist."

I focus on PHP frameworks - Nette & Symfony - and automatization of coding standards and refactoring from old versions.
Lately I'm consulting with Shopsys Framework, an e-commerce platform on top of Symfony.

Become Nette Master

You'll understand strong features of framework and in the end of lecture you'll be able to build application on last version.

  • Directory Structure - where to put what
  • routing: SEO and user friendly URL
  • life cycle of Presenter
  • fancy configuration with NEON
  • Dependency Injection and autowiring
  • Latte - templates done simple
  • You'll be able to Write own Extension

Dive into Symfony

We'll focus exactly on your project's level and how to integrate Symfony there.

  • Request & Response life cycle
  • All arounds Controllers - services, _invoke
  • Twig templating system
  • Dependency Injection, _defaults, PSR-4 service auto-discovery and more

  • From my Clients

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    Open-Source, Static Control, Soft-skills, Git, Unit Testing...

    How to write Clean Code and Scaleable Architecture

    • SOLID principals
    • How to approach gradualrefactoring
    • Continuous integration
    • How Coding Standard Tools Saves time - EasyCodingStandard (PHP_CodeSniffer & PHP-CS-Fixer)

    Level up your Career

    • Where to seek for a job you desire
    • How to promote yourself
    • How social networks can help you
    • How to get money and technologies you want

    Start you Career with Open-Source

    • Composer useful features you didn't know about
    • Values of open-source in your education
    • Package design principles
    • Why use Standards?
    • versioning, local packages
    • Github & Travis - best friends

    Git and Testing

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