1. I help Programmers to be Happier

Learn faster, earn better money and work on projects that are meaningful to you.
I help programmers to unlock their inner powers, start believing in themselves and becoming 200 % productive with less wasted energy.

I can help you with anything I write about. Symfony, Nette, Doctrine, PHP CLI, team mentoring, coding standards, migration of legacy code to a framework, instant upgrades, and open-sourcing private code that you.

Long-term Education that Won't Allow You to Forget

1-2 days lecture that is followed by many...
...60-minute mentorings & code-reviews

What can I Teach You?

We'll focus exactly on your project's level and how to integrate Symfony there.

  • Request & Response lifecycle, Controllers - _invokeable
  • Twig templating system
  • Dependency Injection, services, _defaults, PSR-4 service auto-discovery and more
  • EventDispatcher, Commands and all the other Symfony features.

You'll understand strong features of the framework and at the end of the lecture, you'll be able to build an own application using all the main features the framework provides.

  • Routing, the lifecycle of Presenter and Components
  • Configuration with NEON, powerful Dependency Injection and own extension
  • Latte templating and all other Nette pillars.

  How to Keep Growing Systems Simple

  • How to refactor legacy code
  • SOLID principals and design patterns in real life examples
  • How to save time with static analysis: EasyCodingStandard

  How to Get a Job You'll Love

  • What are the most effective strategies to find a job you desire
  • How to sell yourself
  • How master negotiation with your employer

  How to Become Open-Source Master

Don't Take My Word for it - Ask Happy Clients

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2. I help the World to Enjoy Cooperation

To openly share know-how on meetups and code as open-source, so we can all build on each other work and help each other.
I believe the main value in knowledge is to share it in the way most people can understand.

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