I help Programmers to be Happier

To learn faster, earn better money and work on projects that are meaningful to them.
I help programmers to unlock their inner powers, start believing in themselves and becoming 200 % productive with less energy.

I can help you with anything I write about. Symfony, Nette, Doctrine, PHP CLI, team mentorings, coding standards, migration of legacy code to a framework, instant upgrades and open-sourcing private code.

The most popular topic I teach are:

Mastering Symfony

  • We'll focus exactly on your project's level and how to integrate Symfony there.

  • 4 years of experience
  • Request & Response life cycle, Controllers - _invokeable
  • Twig templating system
  • Dependency Injection, services, _defaults, PSR-4 service auto-discovery and more
  • EventDispatcher, Commands and all the other Symfony features.

Mastering Nette

  • You'll understand strong features of the framework and in the end of lecture you'll be able to build application on last version.

  • 8 years of experience
  • Routing, life cycle of Presenter and Components
  • Configuration with NEON, powerful Dependency Injection and own extension
  • Latte templating and all other Nette pilars.

  How to write Clean Code and Scaleable Architecture

  • How to refactor legacy code
  • SOLID principals and design patterns in real life examples
  • How to save time with static analysis: EasyCodingStandard

  Level up your Career

  • What are the most effective strategies to find a job you desire
  • How to sell your top skill
  • How master negotiation with your employer

  Get the best out of Open-Source for your Project

Happy clients

I help the World to Enjoy Cooperation

To openly share know-how on meetups and code as open-source, so we can all build on each other work and help each other.
I believe the main value in knowledge is to share it in way most people can understand.

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