My Mission is to Help You

I believe any person in the world can learn anything. No matter what age, social status or experience you have now. You can learn anything you set your mind to.

I connect computers and modern psychology. I help my clients to do more with less and be change-proof:

Do you want 1:1 mentoring or in-house Training?

I turn my mission into reality in mentorings and trainings.

1:1 60 mins Mentorings

100 % deep attention just for you, your problems and questions.

I usually do:

  • code-reviews
  • whole code-base-review once a 2 months
  • answer your questions
  • organize a term on Hangouts that suits you
  • share links to relevant posts to your topic

You usually do:

  • take a note when stumble a problem during the week
  • call me when you really need help

The most favorite frequency is 1 hour/week.

In-House Training

Do you want me in your company for your whole team?

The most demanded trainings:

  • Symfony - from introduction, upgrades between version to decoupling and using less-known tips
  • Nette - the same
  • custom framework to open-source
  • monorepo architecture
  • package management

17 Years in PHP Universe

I'm not the expert, but I'm trying to better every day, ask for feedback and learn from each person I meet.

I feel most confident to help you with

Do you want improve quickly with helping hand?

I'm here to help You