What I'm doing Now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

Right now I'm on "vacation" with my mom in Bulgaria, where temperatures are hot, but wind is strong, so it's not killing me. I write "vacation", because my definition of that term is work 6-8 hours a day just not at my home town :D.

Rector Tour Finished + Rector CI in Progress

From May 10th till June 7th I visited 4 conferences in Europe - Verona, Moscow, Kyiv and Amsterdam. It was crazy month for me with 8 flights, but I've met many new and old friends, talked about work I love and got lot of positive and constructive feedback on Rector.

We also started to work on Rector CI, that will provide instant upgrades and refactoring at one click to anyone. We are now team of 2 with Jan Mikes.

We're putting together legal papers for future projects and Rector is now co-operating with 1st Prague company in size of ~20 people to get out of legacy.

Czech PHP Community Website Updated

After over 12 months of coding, I've finally launched new version of Pehapkari.cz trainings. It runs on Symfony + EasyAdminBundle and is super smart. We've managed to find many bugs thanks to first 2 trainings we run on it. Also I've added page with all the videos from meetups, conferences and livestream.

I'm learning from books

I'm staying away from online, but I reply right away when you call me.

Updated July 3rd, 2018, from Nesebar, Bularia.