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Rapping-Ception in PHP Russia, 2019 - Thank you Dave for the idea + photo!

Me as speaker Me as speaker

Sharing know-how in Dresden PHP and PHP Day at Verona, 2019

I'm Trying to get Better based Feedback

Very useful tool presented well. I'm sold :)
Alexander Makarov
Great tool, great presentation and nice font size on the demo!
Iurii Golikov
Great talk, love your flow!
Patrik Foldes
A very interesting talk indeed. Shame on me, but I've never thought before how to automate the refactoring process. Now I have a couple of instruments to learn and try.
Aleksey Stoletov
I wish I knew about rector a few years ago, but it didn't exist yet back then. Great talk!
Sascha-Oliver Prolic
It's very useful. Thank you for serious speech.
Denis Kravtsov

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